With a media buying department in Vancouver, a Head Office in Atlanta and an advertising agency in Toronto, the advertising agency is faced with the challenge of producing and digitally delivering newspaper ads for 100 plus stores advertising in over 40 newspapers across America. Every two weeks.

Solutions / Method

We knew, ideally, the ad agency would want a master database to keep their client and staff up to date on the progress of each ad. We developed and implemented an interactive website that allows one to download, view and electronically approve all the ads with a simple but effective web interface, with easy to use drop down menus, accessible from any computer with internet access (Mac or PC). This interface also aids in the digital delivery process and is a database of all the newspapers specifications.


Bi-weekly the ad agency builds, coordinates approval, and digitally delivers over 40 ads in two and a half work days or less. This process is not only done in an extremely efficient manner, but has had a virtually perfect track record for nine rounds and counting as of this writing.

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