The Framework Foundation is a first of its kind charity, dedicated to raising volunteer hours amoung young Canadians. Its Timeraiser art auction allows potential volunteers to bid their time instead of dollars. The inaugural event raised over 12,000 volunteer hours and matched 370 individuals with 49 civil service groups. The main challenge facing the foundation after the event was prompt and accurate recognition of all the volunteers.

Solutions / Method

To approach this challenge we created an online database containing the names of all volunteers and their hours of service. A colour certificate was designed and printed on a laser certified stock. The staff at the foundation can access the database using a standard internet browser and execute a search of any volunteer and their hours. This information is presented in a way that matches fields on the preprinted certificate. The staff can then print the search results onto the certificate using the office laser printer.


By combining design, print management, database and an online interface, we were able to create a complete solution, which minimizes the time and effort on the part of the organization. This easy to use system allows Frmework Foundation to issue visually appealing certificates to their donors as soon as the volunteer hours are reported. The program has immeasurably strengthened one of the most important assests of the foundation - the goodwill, while reducing the necessary effort to a simple task which can be perfromed by any member of the office staff.

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