To create a payment processing system available to client merchants in countries around the world. The challenge was to create a system which supports a variety of clearing houses along with other payment gateways in multiple currencies.

Solutions / Method

We decided to create a system of this size as multiple modules. This would increase security as well as allow for future upgrades to be integrated as easily as possible.

The functionality to allow clients to process through a variety of processors is possible without confusing total transaction figures by keeping track of the processor and settling currency with each order.

The system is able to generate reports for clients for bothtransactions and settlement reporting. A method to support customer service inquiries on line was also created.


Bank-Wire is a fully automated and customizable payment processing system. It supports multiple payment types, locations and currencies. The system opens client merchants to international sales while maintaining a simpl, easy to use reporting web portal for accounting purposes. It is secure and gives the client merchant a true sense of ease in dealing with international markets.

Key Features
- Secure Keys
- Order Management
- Item Management
- Transaction Reports
- Settlement Reports
- Multiple Clearing Houses

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